XAS media

Xpand Australian Sustainability

XAS media is another means of sharing the options for climate change.

We have a fictional film in early stages which will be a “proof of concept” for a zero carbon community. This film is set in northern NSW, Australia. Executive Producer Jasen Pankhurst is continuing the film direction after 28 years in the finance industry. December 2018 he brought together 2 Australian men from different cultures and engaged a professional production company (Lotus Production House) to demonstrate the “community element of sustainability”.

This 3 minute film has been selected by 2 international film festivals under the category of Health and Humanitarian. These acknowledgements have lead to more film.

I also have a real team of specialists capable to solve certain commercial and environmental problems. I am the numbers man.

The movie includes a media centre where elders and specialists deliver knowledge via a live media channel.

Hand crafted architectural drawing by Erwin Weber 2019

International XAS Models