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Spice it up!

Some times in your life you may need to get noticed. Climate change is real.  What do you have that can be repaired?  Make a statement.  If… Read more »

From the Ground Up

This plan is capable of up-skilling hundreds of people in the community into very valuable and sustainable roles.

Community and sustainability

We have an enormous range of very advanced skills and resources available to us right now. With community support, some basic improvements can happen. Or without community… Read more »

Customer buying power – its big!

Ive seen many signs with the message “stop water mining”. That’s only half the problem. Here is a new sign “Stop buying bottled water“?

Smart Business

If you have 12 tasks you need done regularly in your business, have 4 people that can do those – not 12 people. It adds variety to… Read more »