Its time to LIGHTEN UP

Its also the time to stop and look at where we each are.  You may question “how we got here?”  The truth is, its a million reasons and they are all correct. 

XAS is really the “how to” make things better.

STARTING POINT – ask yourself, “What’s right with where we are?” 

Energy, water, food, shelter and community are the key elements.


We acknowledge the cultures of the world have great wisdom.  

XAS media is vehicle by which our progress and research is shared in various interesting and “light hearted” ways.

OLD SCHOOL MEDIA IS ALL ABOUT DRAMA!  Make sure you balance the drama with uplifting entertainment and if you can, live entertainment. 

We will share our environmental projects and offer individuals and groups to participate and contribute. 

KEY POINT – We are seeking property that is damaged or in need of purpose.

Or, if you are finding it too hard to maintain your property.

Please contact us if this is you.