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Gratitude for our planet

Local Plant based manufacturing - our goal

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   xas Media

Head Office - Regional NSW

Shop 4, 58 Wollumbin Street Murwillumbah

(Aramex Delivery Centre)

Rebuilding regional NSW - god knows the government can’t do it!

Flexible Office  Space - excellent technology Functional, latest technology, free WiFi, high volume laser printer and wide format printer / scanner (including canvas printing).

Virtual seminar group venue.         0400088630.

Cash or Bank Deposit only - thank you

Company Director & Executive Producer

OVER 30 years Corporate Management Experience recently focused on conflict management

Engaging with community,  encouraging group momentum IE 1 + 1 = 11

I have had great success in building executive teams and changing corporate cultures.  

I rarely work alone.

What else happens here?



Behind the Scenes

  • Sustainable development Design
  • Project Management
  • Delivery to Design and Budget
  • Land Management and rehabilitation teams
  • Botany
  • Geology
  • Environmental audit
  • Design architecture and construction
  • Relocatable Caretaker Cabins - Off Grid and Green


  • Eco tourism or Private Facilities
  • Plant based product development
  • Film production (Documentary, Advertising and Movie)

When people have their choices taken away from them, their stress levels rise.  

Xas is committed to “explaining your choices”.  

Question your choices

We are better at learning than those who wrote our governance rules.

The experience and style will be with you forever

Schatten unter Fotoreihe.

Younger generations need our support so together we can focus on what really matters  - Jasen K Pankhurst

Receiving Digital Acknowledgement for International Film Festival Acceptance - Humanitarian and Health Categories.

Enlighten (2019)

Sustainable Industry = Eco Tourism

Elders were meeting on the same day we called in to Minjungbal Aboriginal Cultural Centre.  Thank you for your support.

Jida Gulplil, Matthew Wilson and Jasen Pankhurst before filming.

Behind the scenes

Eco Fashion Parade Oct 2019

XAS 2484 is a previous eco tourism project / private event - the ultimate memory with professional production crew.

Sound Healing (2019)

“Whether you believe you will succeed or fail, you are correct.”

Henry Ford

Interesting industry

These services have developed from previous projects - they keep growing as we grow and more good services come to us.

Accounting Uncovered


Training for todays business

What is it that you need to do so you can step out out of your business for a few days and still have a business when you get back?  This is my expertise.



Online / Anytime

Face to Face

Shared Active Projects

Previous Project Access

Simple Support

Commitment if needed

Avenues for Fairness

Boutique Farming Australia BFA


Small Crop Options

Access to Equipment

Shared Active Projects

Previous Project Access

Sell or Stay Options

Healthy Lifestyle Services

Council requirements

Sustainable Development




Existing damaged land

New developments

Botanist reporting

Sharing Progress

Lobbying Government

Continuous Improvement

Connecting Global Cultures

Interesting Methods

Caretaker Cabins Australia


Removable cabins build with all the creature comforts


Off grid

Localised materials

Council requirements



Self Compositing Toilets

Manufacturers Warranty

Self built or not

Land management support

Options for ownership


Need more?






Shop 4

58 Wollumbin St, Murwillumbah

Top Of The Town Centre



Call :  +61 400088630

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