What if you don’t?

Over the past 2 years we have lived in Murwillumbah and it has changed me. Since living on land, I now know what it means when it is said, “we are nature”. Just like when it clicked that we are at least 75% water in bags of skin. Just like the realisation that communication is 95%(?) non verbal.

My energy is high. It hasn’t always been, so I enjoy it and I also understand others may need a gentle kick along sometimes. That “non verbal” lesson is the key. Your ACTIONS are more uplifting than words. God knows social media has millions of uplifting words! Your ACTUAL SELF being somewhere is a BEACON OF ENERGY. Choose somewhere you enjoy and see who else enjoys where you go. Who knows, that may be the “ice beaker” for a chat.

When someone says “How are you going”, that is an “ice breaker”. If i know someone is down, I break the ice with, “hey, you should of seen the sunrise today”. Then pause with a smile to share. Try conversations where you miss that first “how are you”. A South African friend pointed out that in their country, it is “I see you” and the reply is “i see you”. Then the talk.

To many people are ignored in society. Being different is often a challenge. Yet we are all different. How is that supposed to work? Where you feel “calm” is a connection with the earth we walk upon. Interesting turn of conversation? The frequency of each of us and the earth is a relationship worth observing. I feel blessed to feel calm in this region. I learn from experiences in my life and i enjoy listening to those older, wiser and different to me. I feel proud yet challenged in calling myself an Australian. I love this land and my spirit is strong. I care. I have very supportive people around me. AND i have surrounded myself with very supportive people!!! You see how both apply. You can influence your own outcomes. Thank you to those who have support me. The millions of people that read this can smile knowing the energy you have absorbed from me sharing this post is making a positive change. Now its your turn. All I ask is a smile. That wasn’t hard was it. A fabulous movie “Pay it forward” – you get me!!

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