My birth year is 1972 which makes me a “Gen X”. This is important. Younger generations may understand social media better than me. Social media trains one to better at headlines, being more direct and fast fast fast. You have 3 seconds to get someones attention from when they read or listen to you. That may be true for some. I feel what works for me.

Most of what I do now is training. 30 years of accounting has been a vehicle, yet it does not define me. I understand “the power of presence”. How is that for a Gen X Headline 🙂

Face to face – not FB. Be clear and present. Those around you will notice your energy. If it is “needy”, that’s tough. Suggestion, keep to yourself that day! Be clear with your intentions as a habit. Tip – pick a few or one each day IE gratitude, joy, playful, clarity, aware, grounded. What mood do you hold to today? Have some fun. Take 10-15 minutes before you start your jobs. Each day. We are creatures of habit.

If you are yourself, and someone “good” at sales talk gets to you, take a breath and be yourself. Typical sales talk finds your pain and gives you a solution. That is wrong and the OLD WAY. NEW AGE business is SILVER PLATTER MARKETING – picture what you offer is on a silver platter. Respecting ones time and space. Don’t do the things that bug you. You should be able to place your platter in front of your possible market for them to choose. My strength is higher value service, events and tours, all focused on personal service. I have been very successful with very complex financial reconstructions and reconciliations and delivering findings to Board Rooms and Courts. My real strength is uncovering deceit or injustice. My internet presence is below average. I love learning. Which means i learn from every engagement. Yes that adds value to me. I price my service fairly and i stand by projects i accept. Please don’t expect me to post daily for your business, that is not my strength.

I am a sensitive man and i make no secret of that. I have had many people tell me I’m too soft to be in business. If i could care, my response is, “people in business should be more caring”. They should not spread themselves too thin and strain their own capacity. That is a pricing issue. START YOUR SILVER PLATTER. What’s on it. Where can you have some fun getting noticed. Be yourself. Email it to me.

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