Murwillumbah Historic Regent Cinema Building is where our live venue events will continue to be hosted. See whats on.

  • Eco-tourism and sustainable industry are the same.
  • XAS has live projects in progress in the Murwillumbah NSW region (within 30 minutes of Byron Bay).  People visit,  observe and contribute already.  If visitors enjoy the experience, they will return – that is a repeat customer!

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Our Oct 2019 Event –

And the delivery – see for yourself

Private guided tours for all fitness levels.

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Explore our region online before you arrive.  We have a very unique landscape and community. The depth of knowledge and culture is apparent by your own observations. Our plans are designed for children, parents, grandparents traveling together, as well as singles and couples who are not after night clubs! Live music is very strong in our planning though. And alcohol is available (always responsibly).

Smaller groups means a more personal experience – Observe, learn, question and enjoy.



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  • Paid by your employer
  • Environmental specialists
  • Live monitoring of site
  • On going program/ monitoring

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  • Art, Food, Families, Nature
  • Privacy
  • International Airport – 30 min
  • Family friendly culture
  • Personal guide and vehicle