• XAS is a group of specialists that have come together with a well organised plan, unprecedented transparency and the well recognized Australian spirit. 

  • We have a “portfolio approach” that delivers environmental improvements and efficiencies. 

  • Each of the portfolio elements has a separate name / branding, with discrete “powered by XAS” acknowledgement as the parent entity. 

We offer clear and scalable solutions for each situation by using 3 basic steps:

3 Step Plan towards environmental repair 

  1. Assessment – Environmental audit and indigenous consultation  
  2. Rehabilitation – reinstates permanent vegetation, enhancing native habitat.  
  3. Restoration – restoration of ecosystem structures and function (eg weed control allows seed germination of rainforest pioneer species which provide forest canopy to shade and protect more specialized rainforest flora and fauna)   


Why Us 

  • XAS redevelops environmentally damaged sites and industries, transforming them into sustainable eco-tourism locations throughout Australia. 

  • Our Murwillumbah NSW head office /media centre is designed as a flexible learning centre with appeal to the sustainability novice and the enthusiast with real time monitoring of contracted venues, demonstrations and explanations of strategies used. 

  • We are reshaping the approach to addressing environmental issues and changing roles to inspire and drive sustainable opportunities.  

  • XAS publish the geological and botanical reports from each site.  These reports will add to existing knowledge, conditions and recorded history of the land and native plant species.

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